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What's In My Photo Bag

You'd may be surprised by the amount of non-photography things I often bring with me during sessions or events. Of course there are obvious gear - camera, flash, various lenses, batteries & battery charger, and memory cards - but did you know I also have hand warmers and doggy bags?!


#1. Doggy Poo Bags

I adore pet photography - well, I adore animals in general. I also believe in picking up after our pooches! Leaving those messes can actually spread disease, not to mention it's just plain unsanitary and unsightly. So, I bring scented doggy poo bags with me practically everywhere! Even if I'm not doing pet photography, I may be in a natural environment while I'm flying a drone or capturing a family session. I don't want that smell or sight to bother anyone or potentially harm other animals. Oh, and my bags are pink and scented.

#2. Chapstick & Q-Tips

Being in front of the lens can be really nerve-wracking for some. What's worse is having something small bug you so much that it's all you think about, especially around the face. If you happen to need some chapstick while we're shooting, feel free to ask me for some! I'll give you a q-tip applicator. Don't let chapped lips dry out your confidence!

#3. Hand Warmers

In Ohio, we all know that half the year is spent in sweaters, coats, and boots. However, fall and winter can be such a beautiful time to shoot outdoors (not to mention weddings still happen year-round). The great thing about hand warmers? They're not just for hands. I've put them in my shoes, up my sleeves, in my camisole, in a scarf or hat, and of course my gloves for hands (you know, what they're actually meant for).

#4. Oil Absorbing Pads

Going back to #2, being in front of the lens can be nerve-wracking! When we're nervous, we start sweating. When it's too warm out, we start sweating. When we're in a rush out the door, we can start sweating! Even if it's not sweat, our skin's natural oils, while beneficial, can be a little unsightly when it comes time to take photos. I'll have oil absorbing sheets with me if you need some.


Need I say more? For those 12 hour wedding days or several hour family sessions, snacks are without a doubt the thing I'm most thoughtful I brought! No energy = no work! It's also great in case I'm with hungry kiddos during a session who need a quick bite to hold them over. Full bellies are happy bellies (and really, doesn't that apply to all of us...?).

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