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Do You Need A Second Shooter at Your Wedding?

Whether you're a wedding photographer or a bride-to-be, you will still reap the benefits of having a second shooter at a wedding!

A second shooter is someone who photographs the wedding under the lead photographer. They may capture detail, reaction, and candid moments and get various angles or distances (for example, maybe your lead photographer is getting those nice wide beautiful shots of the ceremony and vows, and the second shooter gets all the details, a close-up of the kiss or someone saying their vows or even the guests laughing/crying).

Know those candid, beautiful, intimate 'getting ready' photos? (Which personally, I am a huge fan of as I love candid moments!) Your lead photographer can capture the bridal party chatting, laughing, gift exchanging, or the bride reading a letter from her soon-to-be husband while the second photographer can capture the guys talking, laughing, and getting ready, too. This is such a huge bang for your buck! It's like those awesome BOGO deals that we all know and love! While it depends of course on your geographic location, a second shooter can be anywhere from $200-700, on average (and dependent on many factors such as time spent shooting and average cost of living in your city). But you can get anywhere from 30% up to 2x as many additional photos. Trust me, when you're looking for gifts for family, planning out your wedding photo album, or planning your framed print collage for your house - this will come in handy!

Furthermore, a second shooter helps a lead photographer with all equipment. The second shooter brings all of their equipment, and will be able to help carry or watch equipment so the lead can shoot. In addition, the second photographer can help hold an accessory (like a reflector or light) when shooting portraits after the ceremony. They also can act like an extra task runner or communicator for the photographer. The second shooter is basically the gift of time.

The second shooter can additionally alleviate a huge amount of stress that a lead photographer can have. At a wedding, you have one shot to capture shots well, for the most part. Having someone else there helps the lead photographer with stress, feedback, getting twice as many shots in half the time - which makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone!

Brides & grooms, no worry about getting various editing styles afterwards! The second shooter gives the lead photographer all of the images, without being edited, so your lead photographer can edit in their consistent way.

If you're a photographer in the Cleveland, OH area and you need a second shooter for a wedding, event, or commercial shoot - please contact me. You can also view my wedding album.

Whether you're a bride/groom/photographer, did you use a second shooter? What's your favorite thing about having a second shooter?



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