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Vegan Camera Bags That Any Animal Lover Will Adore!

As both a business owner and animal lover (mom of currently four rescue dogs and one rescue cat!), I do not believe in compromising my ethics to save a dollar or get a step ahead. My moral compass tells me to treat others with compassion, dignity, and respect - including animals. However, I also need a functional, durable, (and preferably attractive) camera bag!

I'm sure you've noticed that the word 'vegan' has certainly become a hot word nowadays! From cooking shows to beauty products, more consumers are both becoming aware of harmful and unnecessary animal testing and animal derived products. Due to the increased knowledge, people want to ensure that they do not support companies or buy products that harm and kill animals (thank you!).

I did some online digging and found some lovely businesses that have cute, versatile, and practical bags - that don't harm animals in the process. Now that is a win-win!

#1. Kelly Moore Bags

Photo by Kelly Moore Bags

Kelly Moore Bags offers an adorable variety of vegan-friendly bags. She has vegan backpacks, a carry-all tote, and a day bag to name a few! The company began in 2010, shipping the bags straight from their garage (out of their house that they got a mortgage on because they believed in the company that much!). They now live on a 30-acre farm where they garden! (Just me or do you agree that that is 100% #lifegoals?) Her bags are also ideal for busy moms and students! Please follow my affiliate link when shopping!

#2. The Tog Bag

I was able to reach out to the Tog Bag personally to verify they were vegan - they quickly responded to me that they indeed were! No need to worry about which product is vegan, which is incredibly convenient! It's founded by photographer Alisha Love, who wanted to design the perfect camera bag that she personally would use. I love that it looks discreet and goes with almost any attire. She's currently got black, navy, and white options. Use code "CLAUDIA10" to save 10% off!

#3. The House of Flynn

If you need a giant photo bag - look no further! Their vegan evermore bag has you covered. They also have a padded, cross strap backpack if you need to carry a laptop/tablet with your gear. I loved using their website as I could easily search the word 'vegan' and it brought me an extremely diverse portfolio of their vegan bag options! (I mean seriously, a plethora of designs!)

#4. Jo Totes

Jo Totes, which provides shoppers with a wide variety of styles and colored bags, confirmed that their Abby, Allison, Betsy, Gracie, Missy, and Wyndam Street bags are all vegan-friendly! Their bags also come with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects and come with extra padding around the sides and bottom of the bags to protect your gear. Please use my affiliate link when shopping!

Know of another company with vegan friendly camera accessories? Submit their info here (with the subject 'Vegan Camera Company')!

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