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Just What Can A Macro Lens Accomplish?

One of my favorite things as a photographer is picking out what lens to get next. A prime lens for super-sharp photos (but I can't change the focal length)? A 70-300mm to get great shots from far away (but I can't photograph anything close by)? They all have their pros and cons. You get so many creative ideas and continuously add new shot ideas to your creative bucket list! I decided to invest in the Canon 100mm Macro lens. I had been wanting a new macro lens for a while, and finally I invested! But, why a 100mm Macro lens? I can get beautiful focus on the detail while having a nice shallow depth of field (f2.8) so that I can draw the viewer's attention to exactly what I'm capturing (evidenced in the black & white cat nose image below). I'm able to get so much closer and focus well on a small detail, which other lenses can't do. This is ideal for work with newborns (tiny fingers & toes!), engagement/wedding rings, detail in animals, and textures (great for entrepreneurial crafters).

Cat's nose.

Leopard gecko's eye.


Honeybee on flowers. (Pollen-covered face)

Yellow flowers against sky.

Baby fingers.


What's your favorite image to capture with a macro? Anything I missed? Leave a comment below!

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