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In the Spotlight: Railie Holley of Ohio Makeup Artists

Railie Holley is a professional makeup artist based in the Cleveland, OH area. She's a wife, mama of two girls and two pups. I met Railie because I was looking for people to work with in the area who absolutely love animals and use as many cruelty-free products as possible - which is extremely important to me when buying makeup! Railie and I met up and ended up talking for nearly two hours! She's extremely talented, nice, funny, honest, down-to-earth, and passionate. To see her full portfolio and get in touch, head to Ohio Makeup Artists!

C: How did you discover that you wanted to do this as a career?

R: Makeup, glamour, and fashion all started at a young age for me! My family would say 'it's in her blood'! When I finally got the "okay" to wear make-up (6th grade), I went a little overboard, so my mom decided to take me to a makeup artist. When I watched her mix colors, ask questions, and treat my face like a real-life portrait it made me realize that this is exactly what I want to do! So, as the years went on, my hobby turned into a profession - doing weddings, homecomings, special events, etc. Each individual client sparks my creative side!

C: What is the most rewarding part about what you get to do?

R: My favorite part about my job and the most rewarding part is nailing that "picture perfect" look for each individual. Most people don't realize how hard it can be to mentally picture what your client is trying to explain. That is why thorough questioning is vital! When you finish the look and they see themselves in the mirror and have that "look" - that look of amazement, awe, and shock - it's why I do what I do!

C: What really surprised you during your training?

R: When I first started school, it was learning about the importance of sanitation - you wouldn't believe the amount of people that never wash a makeup brush! Bacteria, cross contamination, infection - they can all be passed onto you from the brushes alone.

C: What are the most common myths about makeup that you hear?

R: One thing I hear all the time is: "I have oily skin, so I can't wear traditional makeup for long periods of time." This could not be further from the truth! Good skin preparation as well as products that are catered to your skin care needs is what they're missing. Another one I hear is: "Makeup will clog my pores." However, if your skin is prepped the correct way and you're using the right products you can keep your pores from getting clogged as well as treat underlying issues you may be concerned with. It's all about the product, knowing what you're doing, and reading the ingredients!

C: I hear people asking all the time that they want airbrush, but what IS the difference between airbrush & traditional?

R: So, here's the thing when it comes to airbrush vs. traditional! Airbrush is not for everyone. It's great for dry skin or "perfect skin". It's long-lasting, lightweight, and it has buildable coverage. However, there are some downfalls! If you have oily skin, sweat, bump/rub your face a little too hard, then good luck touching it up on your own. It can become cake-y, crack, or smudge. And without your MUA, you can't fix it. Traditional makeup, on the other hand, is meant for all skin types because the products are catered for all of those various concerns. If it's applied correctly then it can look, last, and feel like airbrush! 24 hour coverage? No problem! Long wearing foundations, setting sprays, and setting powders are your best friend - some are waterproof too! Touch-ups are also a breeze for everyone to do.

C: What advice would you give to those looking for a makeup artist?

R: Do your research! Ask friends and family who they used. Look at their websites, reviews, and portfolios. Also have a quick chat with the artist of your choosing to make sure you mesh well! A good relationship is always great to have and helps make things make much easier.

C: What questions should people ask a MUA when searching?

R: Are you licensed? Do you have a contract? Do you have a website with a portfolio? Watch for red flags too! Make sure they're washing their brushes in between uses and that they're using an applicator (rather than the tube) when applying to your face. If you're at a trial and someone comes at you with the original mascara brush - run!! This can be extremely dangerous. Bacteria and infections from any number of clients will be placed directly on your eye. Keep an eye open for applicators, alcohol, sanitation and general cleanliness!

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