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Winter Wonderland Pet Photography Fundraiser!

I'm a firm believer that any day that you meet a new dog (or spend with a dog in general), it's a good day! So when I got to meet over twenty new pups in three hours - it was a fantastic day. Each fall/winter, I'll head to my local Pet People store (a wonderful pet supply shop that doesn't sell any live animals and has high-quality brands of pet food) and set up a backdrop for pet photography. This winter, I donated half of all the proceeds to a non-profit I adore, Rescue + Freedom Project. They're a rescue based out of SoCal that saves animals from laboratories and finds fosters and forever homes for them across the country. (They're formerly known as Beagle Freedom Project, as beagles are the most common breed tested on in labs due to their sweet, loyal, trusting nature). You can help save the lives of those animals every day by not buying products (make-up, shampoo, laundry detergent) that test on animals. They have a free app called "Cruelty Cutter", available on both Apple and Android, where you can scan the barcode of an item and it'll give you more information!

This year, I opted to do a "winter wonderland" scene. It was quite popular! I wanted to make sure I selected a backdrop that was friendly to everyone, despite their background or personal spiritual/religious beliefs. I'm definitely glad I did this as I think everyone felt welcome! Should I keep the winter wonderland theme for next year? Or maybe do a rustic cabin theme? Hmm...I welcome any ideas!

Thank you to Pet People for hosting me over the past year doing pet photos! I plan on doing a lot more. If you're interested in being notified when I'm next doing pet photo pop-ups, or you want to book a portrait session, follow my Instagram for announcements or send me a message here.

Because of how popular this pop-up was, I was able to donate over $130 to Rescue + Freedom Project on Day 1 alone! Thank you to every pet parent who stopped in. There's quite a special bond I feel with fellow pet parents who care about their family members so much!

Cooper, above, and Lola, below, were available for adoption at the time of photographing them. They are/were available through Marilyn's Voice - an Ohio non-profit that rescues animals from puppy mills and owner surrenders.

Congratulations to Murphy, featured above, for getting adopted this SAME DAY! Woohoo!

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