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Max's Senior Session - Class of 2019

Congratulations Max, graduating in the class of 2019 (with college credits already under his belt)! We got super lucky to be in the prime of fall (which this year, was the first weekend of November I guess...?) and we caught some gorgeous colors. We went to Everett Road Covered Bridge at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It was my first time photographing here and I'm so glad we went. In just one spot, we were able to get such a variety of looks - there's a large barn (for a red or white backdrop), river, small roads, trails, large field, and a rocky ledge overlooking a small hill.

For seniors, I recommend bringing three different tops (ideally one darker, one lighter, and definitely one should be a button down/more formal look) as well as something that reflects personality. That could mean a jersey or soccer/basketball, books, college gear (if you know what college you're going to), musical instrument - I've even seen a cool photo of a senior holding a photo from his first day at kindergarten! Guys & gals, don't forget to bring an undershirt or wear a camisole for changing as well as an extra pair of shoes for walking around (in case of rain, snow, terrain, dirt, etc.). You may also think of accessories such as a watch, tie, necklace, hat, or something of personal value. And of course, pets are always welcome!

Thanks Max for being so great to work with!

If you'd like to book a senior session, you can contact me here!

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