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Welcome Lillian Evans

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

New dad Phil hands the newborn baby to his wife, Alicia, while they sit on the couch taking a moment to relax, "Here, I got you this." Playfully, Alicia responds, "Actually, I got you that!" "You're welcome." Phil replies, pretending to ignore her rebuttal in the name of humor as their loyal rescue dog Gracie sits nearby. They are so sweet together, and are already proving themselves to be such wonderful parents. Lilly, at 18 days old, is already hilarious, sweet, wildly curious playing with her hands and fingers, and showing that she's independent as she rolls over on her own!

We started the session with lifestyle pictures as they lulled Lilly back to sleep. This ended up working perfectly, since the lighting was really on our side this afternoon with gorgeous diffused light from the clouds shining in the large living room window.

A huge congratulations to Phil, Alicia, and both of their families for Ms. Lillian June. I am so happy and excited for them.

Live in Ohio and want to book a lifestyle newborn/family session for you or a friend? Let's talk today!

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