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Juliana, Chase, and Bandit's Holiday Session!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Who would've guessed I would have been back at Sugar Pines again so soon? And for friends I met years ago doing a bridal session for Formality Resale (an outstanding dress shop I recommend for any bride)?! It was such a spontaneous and fun surprise to do this session!! What a wonderful way to end 2020. :)

Juliana and I caught up by talking about how happy we are with our partners, all about her amazing work she's doing with her non-profit, and discussing our rescue pets! Her and Chase rescued Bandit from a non-profit, who rescued him from a situation where he wasn't even being fed! Needless to say, he's pretty spoiled now. :) Bandit was a dream - he was gentle, sweet, and hilarious! As you'll soon see, he totally stole the show.

One thing that was especially fun when editing this session? Adding in snow! It did not snow at all during our session, but with the lovely blanket of snow on the ground, who could resist adding some snowflakes for a winter wonderland look? ;)

Thank you Juliana and Chase for trusting me to take wonderful photos for you this holiday season!! I can't wait to hang out in 2021. :) As always, thank you to Sugar Pines for allowing us to work on your beautiful property!


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