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Lauren, Josh, and Dori's Holiday Tree Farm Session!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

husband and wife kissing their small mixed breed dog on a tree farm with a red barn in the distance

I was elated when I heard from Lauren that she wanted to do a session with her newlywed, Josh, and their rescue pup - Dori! I've said this before and I'll say it a million more times - the more time I spend with dogs, the happier life is! I was even happier when Lauren said she loved the idea of doing their holiday session at a tree farm. I hadn't had the opportunity to do this before, so I found a few and started reaching out. I was so thankful that Sugar Pines Tree Farm not only got back to me promptly, but was enthusiastic about the session, too. They were a joy to work with - so very professional and kind!

One of my favorite parts about this session is the diversity of looks we got, which gives Lauren + Josh so much to pick from! This was due in part to the location - such as the open field, barn, sizes of trees, etc. - but also (and heavily) due to the time of day. This was approximately 4:15-5:15pm in November (2020). As you may be able to tell, when the sun sets it goes down fast leaving you mere minutes of golden hour. You lose about 15 minutes each week as the winter equinox approaches. Thankfully, my wonderful photography partner (and fiancé) brings our lighting gear so we can keep photographing our subjects for a few more minutes!

Lauren and Josh were such a delight to spend an evening with. I love that they met doing charity work, too! Their lovely (and adventurous!) dog, Dori, was rescued in early 2020 from the Cleveland Animal Protective League. Please remember to always consider adoption/rescue first when looking for a new furry family member. (According to the ASPCA, 10 million animals get surrendered to shelters in the U.S alone each year.)

Check out Lauren, Josh, and Dori's photos below. Thank you Lauren, Josh, Dori, my family (Michael + Lily), and Sugar Pines for making this session happen! :) As I write this post the day before Thanksgiving, allow me to express how thankful I am to each of you!

If you are interested in booking a session with me or have any photography needs, please contact me here for a complimentary consultation and client questionnaire to see if we are a great fit!

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