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Shakeenah & Landon's Wedding!

I adore this couple. They had been together over fifteen years before getting married! (And quite frankly, I'm pretty grateful for that so I was able to be a part of their day! We were absolutely meant to meet). They wear their hearts on their sleeves, they are hysterical, and they are genuine. When I first spoke to Shakeenah on the phone, we spoke nearly an hour about her wedding day plans, and how we both lost parents to cancer. I felt an instant connection.

Fast forward to their wedding day, we moved fast! They got ready, had their ceremony, and reception all at the Kent Hotel. (Which saves so much time with less driving - meaning more pictures!!). I hung out with the ladies for the most part before the ceremony and they were all phenomenal, kind, and hilarious. We were able to do some fun bridesmaids photos, macro shots of Shakeenah's ring in her bouquet, and cute candids. The energy was electric! I always love the moods in bridal suites - there is so much support, love, and humor.

Shakeenah & Landon's ceremony was a perfect reflection of them - emotional, raw, funny, romantic, and real. They did something neat that I hadn't seen before - writing a note and putting a bottle of bubbly in a box, and hammering nails into the box sealing it shut. After their first disagreement as a married couple, they would then break open the box to remind each other their deep love for one another and celebrate the ability to get through tough times. Shakeenah also incorporated her parents (Patricia and Brian) into her ceremony by not only having a sign to remember them near where they were getting married, but also having photos of them in lockets in her bouquet. What a beautiful way to honor them.

A huge thank you to Shakeenah & Landon for trusting me taking these wedding photos!

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